What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides access to business data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device—all at a reasonable price when compared with the cost of hosting servers in-house.

Why Cloud Computing Can Save You Money

Staff savings: You no longer have to staff and manage a team of in-house specialists to install and update software, manage email and file servers, or run backups. The convenience of cloud computing is that you pay a small monthly fee, and the business of maintaining the service or application is the responsibility of the cloud vendor.

Hardware space savings: You no longer have to run software updates for your own network. Instead, you can host business data in the cloud and save your own hardware space for sensitive data. Plus, your computer will run faster and more efficiently.

Latest Software and hardware: Using the cloud means you won’t need to buy hardware and software incrementally, and you can focus more of your energy on the productivity and human connections that make your small business successful.

Our Cloud Computing offer the following features

Lightning Fast

Running your day to day applications on our Lightning fast Cloud servers will improve productivity

Solid State Drives Storage

We only make use of the best quality enterprise SSD Storage to ensure speed and reliability

Premium Bandwidth

No Shaping or limitations, just high-quality bandwidth connects your server to the internet

Month-to-month contract

No complicated contracts and commitments – all our plans are monthly

Instant Setup

No need to wait for hardware to be installed, all hardware is ready to be allocated


Do not pay for unnecessary user licenses, all our products is scalable


Different options for VPS Configuration


@ R245 per user


With 50GB Storage

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